Millennials have increased their retirement savings participation by 26%

The Purpose Of My Blog: Early Retirement Retirement Planning


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I decided to start this retirement blog so I can exchange retirement planning knowledge.

I personally have completed a lot of retirement research over the last 10+ years.

As I find relevant topics and points of views I will update my blog with brief articles. Please enjoy reading my blog. To get right to the point, my strategy is to share my early retirement and retirement planning knowledge with as many people as possible around the world. Throughout my blog, I will share certain critical comments which I will highlight with the words

NOTE: ACTION: Consider my critical comments as key insights which could have a direct impact if you decide to develop your own retirement strategic plan.

Personally, the light bulb went off for me about 10 years ago when I realized that I did not have a strong retirement strategic plan. How do I develop a retirement plan?

So I started to develop my 10 year Retirement Strategic Business Plan.

Throughout my blog, I will share key learnings and marketplace evidence to inspire you to take control of your financial retirement future. Only you can determine what that financial retirement future will look like. So in my blog,  I will not share my personal strategy or results as that is not the purpose. I will share my 10+ years of research which is an ongoing process. Please bookmark my blog, as I plan on providing new insights and marketplace benchmarks.

If you have additional knowledge which is similar to my blog theme then please post your comments below. It would be great to connect with similar like minded people. I look forward to hearing from you.

If we could impact as many people as possible then I envision a future civilization which enables retirement savings behavior as a number one priority in all households.  The actions need to be realistic within your own financial situation. The results will vary based on your contributions and efforts.

One thing that inspired me at first was that I learned that saving for retirement has nothing to do with your annual income.  After your annual review you may need to re-evaluate your ROI and course correct where needed./span

The Purpose Of My Blog: Early Retirement amp; Retirement Planning

Note: Action Required
16 Learnings:

  • Most Americans are not saving enough for retirement
  • Retirement future financial stability years are at risk
  • Many Americans don’t have a strong retirement savings plan
  • Future retirees personal lifestyle will drastically change compared to the previous generation
  • The retirement housing market will change
  • Retirees may opt to execute a reverse home mortgage to survive
  • A portion will downsize their home
  • A small portion of people can afford to retire at age 55
  • Early retirement is classified at age 55
  • The average retirement age is ~65
  • The average American has only saved $150,000 for retirement
  • A portion will be forced to rent their housing
  • A portion may need to move in with their children
  • The lower income demographics will increase
  • The future wealth of the country will be controlled by a small portion of the American population
  • A portion will be forced to work-full time and/or part time to survive

I hope I can make you aware of this serious problem. The bottom line is you must take charge and develop a 10 year  retirement savings plan that will meet your future lifestyle.

I hope on my blog I’ve captured enough evidence to inspire you.
Only you can change your retirement future!


Millennials have increased their retirement savings participation by 26%

Millennials increase their retirement savings

Millennials increase their retirement savings: increased participation to 26%

The good news.

I just read an article from CNBC which indicated that the millennial generation – those between ages 18 and 34 have increased their retirement savings participation to 26%.

The increase in IRA contributions may be due to the new career opportunities which the millennial generation are opting for.

Many millennials have pursued more entrepreneurial routes …

and have been busy growing their business over the last three to five years.

Millennials increase their retirement savings

The bad news.

No matter what age demographic you fall into the maximum 2015 annual IRA contribution is capped at $5,500 – $6,500 for those over 50 or older.

Fidelity indicated that if a 30-year old who invests $2,450 every year in a Roth IRA could amass over $90,000 in total contributions and see their nest egg grow to over $200,000 (assuming a 4 percent annual return) by the time they reach age 67. That annual savings will not produce enough retirement income to sustain any lifestyle.

I would coach any age bracket to analyze the maximum annual contributions into a IRA, 401k or 403b and times the number of savings years to determine if the total sum will sustain your future life style.

Below is a link to a previous article that I wrote which supports my point of view if you will outlive your retirement savings.



Americans are NOT saving enough for retirement

I just watched a CNBC.COM segment on the internet by reporter, Kelley Holland|mod&par=xfinity (Note: scroll to the middle of the article to watch the interview with Mrs. Holland) and she states that the average American has only saved $80,000 for retirement. Mrs. Holland states that healthcare costs for a retired couple could cost $220,000. Retirees also run the risk of out living their retirement savings. In 10 years America will have millions of people retiring with not enough to live on.

Please ACT now so you are not one of the millions of people who will not have enough money to live on.

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Retirement due to layoff

Job elimination due to global restructuring

Well, in November 2014 I had a panic attack. I just found out that my job was at risk. I would need to reapply for all new roles. Unfortunately, I did not get selected for any of the new jobs I interviewed for. I received positive praises from numerous senior management while I was forced to accept the severance package. It makes me wonder if my job outcome is due to my age. While I believe it was fate.

Since I have been activating my 10 year retirement plan….I just need to make some minor adjustments too my plan. With those minor adjustments then we will be right on target.

Now I have the freedom to reinvent myself. So of course I will explore all my options

The moral of the story is to stick to your retirement plan….you never know when you need to accelerate your retirement plans.

Keep the faith and you will achieve success.

retirement savings

Action: New stats indicate $1 million saved in 2045 will not be enough

www.talinir.comIs your retirement savings goal $1 million dollars?

Well, new stats indicate you will need to increase that goal higher. How high? The answer is $2.3 million. That’s how much money you’d need in 2045 to have the same purchasing power as $1 million today, assuming a 3 percent annual inflation figure. So how do you get to $2.3 million? “Assuming a starting account value of $50,000 and an 8 percent return on assets, an investor would need to deposit $13,500 at the beginning of each year over the next 30 years to achieve that result,” says Andrew Gluck, managing director of wealth management at GCG Financial.

We're Broke and Retired

We’re Broke and Retired

Each Day, roughly 10,000 baby boomers turn 62 and workers age 55 and older, nearly 60% have saved less than$100,000.


If you do not develop a retirement strategy then you are increasing your odds that you will live in poverty.

Every day I am reading a new topic in the news which supports my point of view. Save a portion of your current money for your retirement years. My recommendation is to save a minimum of 10% your gross pay.