The Purpose Of My Blog: Early Retirement Retirement Planning

Please take ACTION now and read this landing page on my blog. I hope this inspires you to read more pages I wrote. Please take ACTION  now. I decided to start this retirement blog so I can exchange retirement planning […]

Millennials increase their retirement savings

Millennials increase their retirement savings: increased participation to 26% The good news. I just read an article from CNBC which indicated that the millennial generation – those between ages 18 and 34 have increased their retirement savings participation to 26%. […]

Americans are NOT saving enough for retirement

I just watched a CNBC.COM segment on the internet by reporter, Kelley Holland|mod&par=xfinity (Note: scroll to the middle of the article to watch the interview with Mrs. Holland) and she states that the average American has only saved $80,000 for […]

Job elimination due to global restructuring

Well, in November 2014 I had a panic attack. I just found out that my job was at risk. I would need to reapply for all new roles. Unfortunately, I did not get selected for any of the new jobs […]

Action: New stats indicate $1 million saved in 2045 will not be enough

Is your retirement savings goal $1 million dollars? Well, new stats indicate you will need to increase that goal higher. How high? The answer is $2.3 million. That’s how much money you’d need in 2045 to have the same purchasing […]

We’re Broke and Retired

Each Day, roughly 10,000 baby boomers turn 62 and workers age 55 and older, nearly 60% have saved less than$100,000. “PEOPLE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER”. If you do not develop a retirement strategy then you are increasing your odds that […]

Mortgage early payment

Historically Banks have offered various solutions for financing your home. There are fixed rates, variable rates, different years you can borrow against (term), etc. This can become overwhelming when you need to make a quick decision that will impact you […]

Reduce my retirement investment expenses

When you analyze your retirement portfolio you should also analyze the expense ratio for each fund you own. I’ve read many books and articles warning investors to be aware of the gross expense ration fees. Over a lifetime of retirement […]

If you have passion then take a risk and you will succeed

I always believe that if you have passion then you will be successful. Sure knowledge and education are enablers while passion is the key driver.   Like this:Like Loading…

Is a Million Dollars enough to retire on?

Here is an excellent link if you are following my blog.|modpar=xfinity   Like this:Like Loading…

Is the stock market in a correction

If you follow the stock market then please do not react to the recent decline. Please do not worry…the U.S. stock market history shows that the stock market will recover. Your future gains will surpass any current losses. Hang tight. […]

People just dont know how to save for retirement

Why do some people refuse to accept that the only way to be financially independent is to have a retirement financial plan. I recently provided retirement planning coaching to a 26 year old. The person had no formal education on […]

How to allocate family cash flow if you are a two income family…ideas

Two income family means that you have twice as much cash flow vs a one income family so you have more income to analyze. Please take the time to review your spending habits.|mod&par=xfinity Based on the spending habits of […]

How much should I increase my annual retirement contribution…ideas

It’s that time of year in corporate America when employees are typically rewarded with a merit increase. I’ve learned that the merit calibration process has flaws which are out of our control. So move on and except it. What is […]

What is a good percentage to withdraw from your qualified retirement plan guide?

I have read several retirement publications which recommend a 4% withdrawal amount is best practice. What is a good percentage to withdraw from your qualified retirement plan? With the average American living in retirement for 20-30 years you better plan […]

Calculate total potential lifetime earnings guide

How much money will you would need to sustain throughout your lifetime Most people I’ve spoken to refer to a emretirement savings goal of $1 million/em while only a few Americans are on target to achieve that. I just came […]

Retirement Cash Flow comes from Social Security & Retirement Savings

Social Security is a popular controversial topic that is in the news on a regular basis. Retirement Cash Flow comes from Social Security & Retirement Savings The topics focus on: Funding, Bankruptcy or reduction in payout by year 2030, Govt […]

How do I save in order to achieve early retirement?

Have you ever wondered what actions you need to take to retire early. How do I save in order to achieve early retirement? If you’re reading this posting then I hope I can influence your future. A very large portion […]

Penalty Free Withdrawal The Year Which You Reach Age 55

“Early withdrawal qualification is possible prior to age 59 1/2. Please read my posting and learn what is possible. See IRS 575. Penalty Free Withdrawal The Year Which You Reach Age 55. “NOTE: You must terminate your employment no earlier […]

Demographics: 18 To 34 Years – “Saving Habits”

If you are reading this posting then you just found a pot of gold, figuratively speaking only. This posting will help you change your future! Demographics: 18 To 34 Years – “Saving Habits” I found some great 2014 stats which […]

Why Is Measuring A Retirement Savings Trend So Important?

To support a retirement savings strategic plan you must measure results. Why Is Measuring A Retirement Savings Trend So Important? I recommend measuring on a quarterly basis or at least annually. Measuring your Return on Investment (ROI) is critical so […]

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